WW2 Airsoft Guns- The Best Classic Weapons Review

WW2 Airsoft guns are gaining popularity in war-games and battlefields. The design, uniqueness, and style they possess are unmatchable. Most players choose WW2 airsoft guns to get a real feel of the war and the historical significance attached to it. There are a plethora of WW2 airsoft guns available these days. Picking the right gun is easy if you have the right knowledge about the specifics of the gun you desire. It can be a gargantuan task for some beginners, but it will be totally worth the time and energy.

  1. UKarms MP40 Airsoft Gun

The UKarms mp40 airsoft gun is one of the most preferred WW2 airsoft guns when it comes to quality and price. It is a great pick for those of you who are just starting to use airsoft guns. It gives you great performance at a low price. This airsoft gun is one of the best available in the price range. The amazing features it comes with gives you good value for the money.

Some of its features are:

  • Design: This airsoft gun is designed after the Maschinepistole 40 also known as the MP40. It was a 9mm machine gun which was developed in 1938 for the German Army and was issued in 1904. This was one of the most extensively used guns during the war.
  • Type: It is a spring powered airsoft gun. This allows for easier handling of the gun. The user needs to cock the gun every time before shooting.
  • Velocity: It comes with a 250 FPS velocity. This is a good range of FPS for beginners. It is always recommended t not go for guns with very high FPS if you don’t possess the expertise.
  • Magazine: It is equipped with a 0.12g BB magazine with a capacity of 32 rounds. The magazine is strong and solid and can even be used as a vertical foregrip.
  • Length: Its length is 33 inches.
  • Body: This airsoft gun is made up of full plastic body. But, it is sturdy and of good quality. This airsoft gun comes with an under-folding stock which makes it resemble very closely to the real gun.
  • Size: This gun comes with a 1:1 scale.


  • High-quality
  • Lightweight
  • Underfolding stock
  • Affordable price
  • Reliable airsoft gun
  • Resembles closely to the original


  • Flimsy under folding stock
  • The orange tip part of the barrel may fall off

The UKarms mp40 airsoft gun is a great combination of quality, price, and performance. It will help you hunt down your enemies quite precisely at the battlefield.

  1. Gletcher Mosin Nagant M1944

The Mosin Nagant M1944 air rifle by Gletcher is one of the best WW2 airsoft guns one can possess. It is an exact replica of the real gun and has incredible accuracy.

Some of its features are:

  • Design: The Mosin Nagant M1944 is designed after the Mosin Nagant which is a Russian Legend Rifle. The M1944 is a new pattern of firearms which was adopted during the Second World War as a mass rifle under the Soviet Army.
  • Type: It is a repeater bolt-action rifle. For subsequent shots, the ammunition is fed into the firing chamber by opening the rifle’s bolt. This feature gives you an actual feel of the real rifle.
  • Velocity: The M1944 rifle comes with an amazing 400 FPS. This speed comes along with accuracy and high precision. It is the perfect choice for players with a high expertise level.
  • Magazine: This rifle comes with a capacity of 16 rounds and removable BB magazine which uses a CO2 cartridge(12 grams). The magazine is equipped with a compartment for storing the retention screw tool. It eliminates the need to carry a tool to screw in a CO2 cartridge.
  • Body: The rifle has a polymer body. The finish finishing makes it look like wood, just like the real rifle. It comes with a folding bayonet which increases the ease of handling.
  • Length: With folded bayonet- 40.5 inches

With fully extended bayonet-52 inches

  • Weight: 8.21 pounds
  • Caliber: 0.177


  • Great accuracy
  • Looks very similar to the original
  • Sturdy and fine finish
  • High-speed velocity
  • Folding bayonet


  • Expensive
  • Can be little heavy for some

The Gletcher Mosin Nagnat M1944 air rifle comes with a higher price tag but is totally worth the money spent. It is a great buy for the lovers of WW2 collections.

  1. Soft Air Thompson M1A1

The  Thompson M1A1 AEG of Soft Air is one of the top picks for most airsoft enthusiasts. It comes with impeccable design, innovative features, and hassle-free shooting experience. It is one of the best WW2 airsoft guns available in the market.

Some of its features are:

  • Design: The Soft Air Thompson M1A1 is an exact replica of the Thompson M1A1 used by the US Army during the Second World War. It is also referred to as the gun that helped to change the world. It is designed with laser engraved Thompson and Property of the US Army trademark. Each model comes with unique serial numbers for ultimate realism experience.
  • Type: It is a high power Automatic  Electric Gun. And comes with an 8.4 v 1100 mAH battery and charger.
  • Velocity: This gun can fire at a range of 380-400 FPS with a 0.22gm BB. It gives you 14 rounds per second and is very accurate.
  • Magazine: It is equipped with a high-metal 380rd stick magazine. It has an adjustable hop-up system and selectable semi/fully automatic firing modes. It also comes with a functional safety mode.
  • Body: It is made up of full metal.
  • Size: It comes in a 1:1 scale.
  • Length: 32 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds


  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Exact replica
  • Fine finish
  • High-speed velocity
  • Affordable price
  • Optimum weight


  • No cons for this product

The Soft Air Thompson M1A1 (AEG) with its sleek design and excellent accuracy makes it a perfect choice for any kind of battlefield or tournament plays.

  1. Japan import- Kingarms Thompson M1A1 Military Grand (Special Gold AEG)

The Thompson M1A1 Military Grand (Special Gold) by Kingarms is a precious prized-possession for every airsoft enthusiasts. The style, design, quality, performance is impeccable. This gun is preferred for its craftsmanship and high efficiency.

Some of its features are:

  • Design: The design is inspired by one of the most iconic guns in American history, called the Tommy gun. It was invented in 1918 and was extensively used in the Second World War.

This model comes in a 23k plated finish with unique serial numbers and with specifications laser-etched on it.

The pistol grip, stock and handguard are all made of real wood. These features make the gun look very real and gives a solid and sturdy feel.

  • Type: It is an Automatic Electric Gun that can accept almost any size of NiMH and NiCD batteries. In order to reduce the battery rattle, the battery compartment is lined with foam.
  • Velocity: This gun shoots in the range of 380-410 FPS. It gives a precise and highly accurate shooting experience.
  • Magazine: This gun accepts both drum and stick style magazines. It comes with both automatic and semi-automatic firing modes.
  • Length: It measures 33.8 inches long.
  • Weight: It weighs 6.8 pounds. It is little on the heavier side compared to other guns. But, that gives you an actual feel of a gun.
  • Size: 1:1 scale.
  • Added feature: This gun comes with an 8mm bushings. The gearbox is full metal and has hardened steel gears which increase its longevity.


  • Accepts both drum and stick style magazines
  • Highly accurate
  • Precious collectible
  • Metal and solid wood construction


  • Expensive
  • Can be heavy for some

The Kingarms Thompson M1A1 Military Grand is a high-powered gun with amazing features. It is a great piece of collectible and will let you dominate all modern replicas on the battlefield. It is totally worth the price. It has remarkable flexibility in terms of usage.

  1. CYMA M14 Airsoft Rifle

The CYMA M14 Airsoft Rifle (full size) by Evike is a competitive gun when it comes to WW2 airsoft guns. The construction and design of the rifle are simple, compact and effective. It is both powerful and easy to use. This is one of the best WW2 airsoft guns because of the design inspiration from the original.

Some of its features are:

  • Design: This airsoft rifle is designed after the M14 series which was manufactured for the US military troops in 1940. It was considered as the last American “battle rifle”. It was one of the most extensively used rifles during the war.
  • Type: It is an Automatic Electric Gun and has the capacity to take in high power inputs, like 7.4v or 11.1v lipoly battery. The best part about this rifle is the compatibility to after-market upgrade parts for the advanced players. This feature is not available in many guns available today.
  • Velocity: It gives a high-speed velocity of 350-400 FPS. It comes with an adjustable hop-up.
  • Magazine: It comes with a 430rd magazine that gives 470 rounds. It is equipped with semi and fully automatic firing modes and comes with a functional safety mode too.
  • Body: This gun is a completely pre-built airsoft gun. It comes with a full metal version 7upgradeable metal box. It is equipped with a polymer built stock. It also has a full metal bolt receiver and barrel assembly. These features of the gun body make it a very long-lasting and solid product.
  • Length: 1127 mm
  • Weight: 4000g
  • Size: It has a 1:1 scale


  • High-quality
  • Solid construct
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Realistic feel


  • Can be a little heavy
  • Non-folding stock

The CYMA M14 airsoft rifle is a great pick for collectors and serious wargamers who want to take their gaming level a notch higher. This gun is the best combination of quality, price, and performance.

Why are WW2 airsoft guns sort after?

The rich heritage of World War 2 has various experiences to offer. The weapons used at war are a fascination for many of us. The guns used at war were all high-class, classic weapons ever used in history. The WW2 airsoft guns are the most sort after airsoft guns these days. There are many reasons why. Some of them are:

  • Historical significance: WW2 is the most iconic war in human history. There are a lot of emotions and sentiments attached to this war. People like to experience the actual feel of the war. It can make the game like feel a totally different experience.
  • Design: The guns used at war were classic with unique designs. They had great quality and amazing features too. The actual guns are available at exorbitant prices. The replicas that are available now comes at an affordable price for the common man to own. The WW2 airsoft guns are an exact replica of the original gun. It is equipped with all the features of the original gun. This makes the gun accessible and a great way to get real life experience.
  • Performance: The guns used at WW2 are regarded as one of the best in terms of performance. There were incredible developments made in the firearms industry during the war. The development of the submachine gun and the “assault rifle” set high standards in the guns industry. The airsoft guns are manufactured to give you the same quality and performance level.

Due to the popularity of the WW2 airsoft guns, manufacturers are now making guns with all the intricacies and details the original gun has to offer.

  • Variety: The WW2 airsoft guns are gaining popularity with time. This is because of the vast number of guns which were used at war and their availability in the market today. The huge variety of guns allow you to pick the one best suited for you.
  • Price: Most of the WW2 airsoft guns looks like an exact replica of the original gun and comes at affordable price. This makes the gun accessible to everyone. They come in a different range of prices and designs.

A Brief History of WW2 Guns

The guns and types of machinery used in the Second World War were mostly a continuation of what was used in the First World War. The Second World War took place decades after the first and hence, they had new designs with modified features due to the technological advances.

Apart from the other firearms, the semi-automatic rifles were most famously used, especially among the Soviets and the Americans. The semi-automatic American M1 Garand was a reliable development during the war. It quickly became the most preferred weapon among the American troops.

The development of the submachine gun firearms during the war brought huge success to its users. The British STEN, German MP18, the Soviet PPSh-14, and the American ‘Tommy Gun’ were famous submachine guns used. The “Tommy Gun” was mostly preferred by gangsters and police. It became the weapon of choice among US troops because of its lightweight and ease of use. Due to its incredible features, the “Tommy Gun” is also regarded as the “gun that changed the world”.

Bolt-action rifles became the most used weapon during the war despite the advanced submachine guns and semi-automatic rifles. They were mostly used by countries other than the Soviet Union and America. Many new models of bolt-actions rifles were also produced with better features and design. Some of the famous bolt-action rifles used during the war were the Mauser Kar98k (Germany), the British Lee-Enfield NO.4 and the Springfield M1903A3.

There were millions of firearms produced during the whole war, mainly in the Soviet Union and the United States. There was a surge in the production of small arms industry due to the German invasion of Poland. The production of portable assault guns provided the infantry with broader killer powers.  Repeat-fire rifles used at war is still being used at battlefields today.

During the war, there were constant production and inventions of different kinds of guns. One of the most advanced technology development that took place was the production of the Maschinengewehr 42 ( MG42). The MG42 had a design that surpassed all other guns. This gun developed rapidly over time and is still used to date.

The main infantry-development during the whole war was the “assault rifle” which was developed in Germany. Apart from submachine guns and rifles, revolver pistols or semi-automatic pistols, mortars, hand grenades, and machine guns were also widely used. The anti-tank gun used during the war is still available in the inventories till date.

At present, a total of 276 World War 2 Guns are there in the military factory.

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