M40 vs M24 Airsoft Rifle Review

This article is a review of two airsoft rifles, namely, Double Eagle M40 Black Airsoft BB Rifle (referred to as ‘M40’ hereafter) and CYMA Advanced M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action US Army Scout Sniper Rifle (referred to as ‘M24’ hereafter). The M40 vs M24 comparison will feature their brand and targeted users, specifications, operation, performance, usage, pros and cons, and some final words.

Brand and Targeted Users:

Both Double Eagle and CYMA are entry-level brands, and their products are generally intended for beginners. So, if you’re starting out with airsoft guns, either of the brands is ideal.

The M40 is a spring, submachine type airsoft gun. It is a plastic version of the iconic MP 40 submachine gun used by the Germans during World War II. Though built with plastic, it has a full 1:1 scale design of the original with accurate details. On the other hand, the M24 is a sniper airsoft rifle. It is an airsoft version of the sniper rifle M24 utilized by the snipers of the US Army. It is built mostly with metal and polymer.


  • M40 vs M24

The M40 comes with an easy reload magazine and hop up. The rail interface system also allows you to attach a scope, but the scope does not come with the package. The front end is bright orange in color which you can easily modify. The set-up manual is poorly written, but you can assemble the gun even without it.

With the M24, you do not get a scope and bipod with the package, though you can insert the attachments. It comes with trigger box, hop-up, metal bolt, and bore-up/larger cylinder which increases the gun’s durability. Setting up the gun is simple, and appropriate Allen keys are readily provided with the package.


  • M40 vs M24

The M40 is a lightweight gun weighing only 1.65 pounds since it is made from plastic only. It has a magazine which can accommodate around 30-35 rounds. Both 0.12g and 0.2g BBs are compatible with the gun. The length of the weapon with unfolded stock measures 85 cm.

The M24, on the other hand, weighs around 8 pounds with a combination of metal and polymer. The magazine has a capacity of 22-25 rounds. You can use the M24 with BBs of 0.25g and above. The length of the gun stands at 44.25 inches, which is the length of a regular sniper. The stock length is also adjustable.


  • M40 vs M24

Both the M40 and M24 require cocking for every single shot. The charging handle in M40 and the bolt in M24 are slightly on the tougher side while cocking. An interesting feature with the charging handle in M40 is that despite its flimsy look, it is sturdy and durable. 


  • M40 vs M24

While the manual of M40 says it has a 180 fps, the gun can actually shoot up to 290 fps. Even at this fps, the accuracy is impressive. The gun’s accuracy and range limit out at around 100-110 feet using 0.2g BBs. Considering the plastic build, the accuracy at 100 feet is more than what you can expect.

Manual for M24 states it has a muzzle velocity of 390-450 fps. But, the sniper can actually crank up a velocity of 480 fps. The gun’s accuracy and range limit out at around 195-230 feet with 0.2g BBs. This performance makes the sniper highly accurate and powerful.


  • M40 vs M24

The M40 is the ideal gun for fun and not meant for skirmishes. You can use the gun in your garden for shooting targets or in your backyard with your kids. Due to the rich history behind the real MP40 SMG, this gun makes an attractive display item and is also an excellent choice for use as props. It is the right choice of gun for your kids if you want to introduce them to the world of airsoft guns.

The M24 meanwhile is a skirmish ready weapon. You can also use it for target practice. It can stand the wear and tear of heavy use when it comes to skirmishes. If you want to try out a sniper rifle for the first time in your airsoft adventures, this is the ultimate choice.


Pros and Cons: M40 vs M24

M40 M24
Pros ·         It is relatively one of the best low-end plastic airsoft guns modeled on the lines of MP40.

·         The details on the gun may not be a perfect copy of MP40, but even on a first look, the resemblance is striking.

·         Due to the striking resemblance, it serves as a great prop for use in film or theatrical production.

·         It is kid-friendly and serves as a great toy.

·         It can be easily modified/ customized.

·         It is one of the most recommended airsoft sniper rifles for starters.

·         It is extremely accurate.

·         Its fps consistently stays at around 450.

·         It looks heavy but is pretty lightweight and durable.

·         It has a smooth hop-up system which can be changed on the fly.

·         You can add a suppressor or muzzle brake with a barrel adaptor.

·         The gun is upgradeable.

·         The metal body gives it a sleek look.




·         The plastic comprising the stock is flimsy and may easily break.

·         It has no extra magazine.


·         Pulling the bolt to cock it can become a sore point.

·         Plastic has been used to make the magazines. This may put off some users since the body and barrel are mostly metal.


Final Words:

If you’ve read this review article, you will be clear by now that the M40 and M24 are not competing airsoft guns. Each has its own beneficial features, and you are called upon to choose depending on your needs. Despite anything negative you may have heard about the M40, it has its positive features.


Both the guns will reasonably perform well in their own separate and ideal set of environment. It is, therefore, recommended that if you feel the need for either one as per your situation and circumstances, they should form a part of your collection.

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