Best Electric Airsoft Pistol Reviews

Best electric airsoft pistol

Choosing the best electric airsoft pistol is all about balancing realism and functionality. An AEP tends to be more accurate compared to a blowback airsoft pistol because of the consistency. One of the biggest advantages of the gas blowbacks is the realism that they offer which is not easy to find with AEPS. Despite the …

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M40 vs M24 Airsoft Rifle Review

M40 vs M24

This article is a review of two airsoft rifles, namely, Double Eagle M40 Black Airsoft BB Rifle (referred to as ‘M40’ hereafter) and CYMA Advanced M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action US Army Scout Sniper Rifle (referred to as ‘M24’ hereafter). The M40 vs M24 comparison will feature their brand and targeted users, specifications, operation, performance, …

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Best PCP Air Rifle Reviews

pcp air rifle

The best PCP air rifle can provide you with outstanding firepower and accuracy at an affordable price. PCP rifles are easy to pump, quite adaptable and also fun to use. Just as there are wide selections of real firearms, there are also different types of air rifles too. Given the huge variety of air rifles …

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