Best Gun Safe Reviews For Long Guns And Hand Guns

Responsible gun owners today are all looking for the best gun safe because it is a crucial part of owning firearms. The gun safe protects and secures your firearms. Gun safes are mainly used to prevent access by unauthorized personnel, for robbery protection, to prevent damage to your guns during a fire, flood, or natural calamity.

Choosing the best gun safe can be a hassle nowadays. With so many features such as size, locking method, steel gauge, etc.  it becomes difficult to decide what to look for in a safe. So, to save you the trouble of going through hundreds of reviews and reports, we have compiled this list of the best gun safes that are available today.


Best Gun Safes for Long Guns

  1. Paragon Lock and Safe – 8 Rifle Safe 5.4 CF Gun Cabinets with Internal Lockbox Safe

The modern design and the additional heavy duty 18-Gauge steel powder covered cabinet will give you both protection and utility. Paragon Locks and Safes come with fixed bolts and pre-drilled holes inside the safe. It has an internal lock cabinet with a different set of keys to access the cabinet; this section is excellent for small weapons.

It has Gray fitted carpet-padding in the inner base and a hidden hinge for anti-theft safety. It is 102 lbs in weight and can store up to eight guns. The door is so heavy that you will have to secure the safe on to the floor properly or adjacent to the wall so that it does not fall forward.


  • It is easy to access and offers a secure entry point.
  • It provides a full ten-year warranty.
  • It can resist mechanical and hand attacks.
  • It offers great value for money.


  • It is not fire resistant or waterproof
  • It does not have USB ports, electrical sockets, and other accessory holders.

The gun safe does not have all the common features that come with other safes in the market today. However, sometimes it is more practical to have a safe that merely does what it’s supposed to do without adding redundant elements. Therefore, this gun safe is one of the best choices if you aim to keep your firearms away from children and in a secure place.


  1. Barska Large Biometric Safe

This large biometric safe by Barska gives you extra convenience by eliminating the need for a key and offering additional safety measures. It is designed to permit access by just detecting your fingerprints. It can save 120 unique users in the database.  It also has an optional soundless access mode. It has two support keys, and an exterior battery set in case the batteries go out.  The internal detachable twelve-storage rack helps to keep the items well-organized. The safe also has six mounting bolts to securely attach it to the floor, a wall, or any solid flat surfaces. It uses only 4 AA batteries which are cheaper and save you a lot of money. It also comes with a one-year quality warranty. It weighs 114 lbs and its dimensions measure 57 Inches x 13.75 Inches x 13.75 Inches.


  • Fingerprint detection and access within seconds.
  • It uses backup keys if the scanner battery dies.
  • Shelving units are removable for more storage.


  • Rifle bumpers are not changeable
  • No Fire Protection

Though this safe does not have storage space for more than 12 rifles, there is sufficient space for several handguns, and ammunition. It is effortless to access and is of great value. It is a must buy as it has all the essential features of a secure gun safe.


  1. Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe

The Bighorn 19ECB Gun safe is designed with 2.75mm thick steel material which provides more safety and security for all the necessary assets against fire and theft. It has nineteen cubic feet of internal space and 435 lbs weights which can hold an up to 24 long guns.

It has eight door bolts each measuring 1 inch. These bolts can lock the door in eight unique points which keeps the door ten times more secure than other usual safes. It has an electronic lock that is quick and easy to access. The spring loaded re-locker which maintains the gun safe secures even if the lock is removed or tampered. The Heat-activated expanding door seal protects from heat and smoke.


  • It has fire protection.
  • Triple hard-bitten plate protects the lock from drill attacks.
  • Programming the entry code is easy.
  • It eliminates the hassle of using keys
  • It has enough space for storing guns and accessories
  • The California Department of Justice approves it as it has met all the safety conditions.


  • No backup key
  • It does not have a door organizer
  • High price

The Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe is the most popular residential safety container for all gun lovers. Despite its high price, it has been rated one of the best gun safes by gun enthusiasts.

  1. Steelwater Standard Duty Gun safe

The Steelwater standard duty gun safe offers some of the most useful security features among safes that can accommodate a modest quantity of guns. Its improved [10] 1.5 diameters hard steel locking bolts can be accessed with a combination of three to eight digits.

This safe can resist fire at 1875°F for 60 minutes with its heat-activated expandable door seal. The ballistic or drill resistant hard plate protects the lock from being manipulated and drilled. In case the lock is removed or punched out during a robbery attack, there is an internal spring loaded re-locking latch to protect the gun safe. It has a pre-drilled hole if you want to install a dehumidifier. This safe has the average capacity to store 8 to 10 long weapons.  It has a height of 59 inches with 55 inches of internal height and 305 lbs in weight.


  • It has a dehumidifying box
  • Its 14 gauge steel makes the safe to tougher than others
  • It has auto internal LED Lighting
  • It includes dual level fireboard in the door jams, floor, ceiling, and walls
  • It has three modes of direct bolt system and drives lock
  • It has eight times expandable fire resistance


  • The safe is too heavy that it becomes difficult to relocate

This gun safe is a high-quality safe that is both attractive and durable. The safe is a bit expensive. However, it is essential to distinguish its value from the cost. This safe is incredible and worth it from all points.

  1. FCH Electronic 5 Rifles Gun Safe with Small Lock Box:

The FCH large gun safe allows you to store your items securely, and it is easy to set up because it is already assembled and has easy to follow instructions. The only thing you have to do is insert the 4 AA batteries and set the keypad. This safe can store rifles with scope, shotguns, and firearms. It has a small lockbox positioned in the interior that can store 3/ 4 handguns.

The high-quality steel makes the gun safes strong and sturdy to use. It has incredible features that come with two pre-drilled mounting holes in the bottom of the cabinet and a hole in the back which allows easy bolting to the wall or floor. It has dimensions of 57.1″ x 11.8″. And it comes with four bolts for wall or floor mounting, two keys for an inside safe box, two spare keys for gun safes, and 4 AA batteries.


  • It is durable and has a sturdy steel construction with robust locks
  • It can be opened by using key or code.
  • It has pre-drilled mounting holes


  • It does not have fire resistance
  • It is not theft proof

The FCH large gun safe is the best solution for a short-term goal. It is affordable, and though it may not be fire-resistant, it serves its purpose. It is perfect to keep your items away from visitors and kids.

Best Gun Safes for Hand Gun Storage


  1. GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe

The GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe is genuinely the most excellent quality product that sets the bar for the rest of the industry. It offers the best security for handguns, with affordable pricing and quick accessibility. It comes with a protective foam-lined interior and spring-loaded door with tamper-resistance, which can report invalid entry attempts.

A built-in computer blocks repeated invalid keypad entries. Even in the dark, the patented No-Eyes keypad offers lightning-quick access.  Audio response immediately validates correct keypad entries. Audio-disabled mode allows stealth mode process. Quality is one thing that has indeed not been compromised in the production of this safe. For example, it is constructed out of 16-gauge steel and has multiple mounting options making it sturdy and resistant to any damage.


  • Inner foam lining to protect the firearms
  • Exclusive no-eyes keypad for quick access
  • It holds over twelve million user-selectable access codes
  • It has backup override key
  • It has a five-year warranty
  • Portable Compact Safes


  • It does not offer any fire protection

This safe is easy to use, strong, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting which truly makes it one of the best options when it comes to gun safes.

  1. GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe

The GunVault SV500 safe is a solid safe that gives fast access to the gun at any time you require it. The GunVault SV500 is strong because it is constructed out of 18 gauge steel with a high-quality finish. This safe weighs in at only 8.2 pounds and has a variety of mounting options which can be easily mounted anywhere in your bedroom, office, and even in your car.

The interior of the safe is foam-lined to make sure that your handgun is secure and well protected. The locking device is so tough and resistant to tampering that even the professionals have a tough time trying to access the safe without the correct code. The GunVault SV500 needs a single 9V battery to operate. An LED light has an audible beep which can be turned off from inside the vault. It has an interior dimension of 8.5 x 5.75 x 2.25 inches and exterior dimension of 13 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches. There is a five-year warranty on this safe for burglary and fire.


  • The foam lining helps to prevent the items from rattling inside the safe.
  • It has four numbered buttons for entering and programming the access code.
  • Holds twelve million user-selectable access codes



  • The low battery signal only works when you touch the keypad

The GunVault SV500 may be the best gun safe with a digital keypad for the ones who are looking for quick access. And also the best option for a business person or homeowner to protect themselves and their possessions.

  1. The Vaultek VT10i

The Vaultek VT10i is a tiny, lightweight, 18-gauge moveable safe with key entry, keypad, and biometrics, as well as Smartphone access through an application. The Bluetooth facility provides unique communication abilities from the user’s phone. An adjustable interior LED light allows you to locate the safe with the backlit keypad.

Rechargeable batteries charge with the micro-USB in 2.5 hours and give power for four months. The biometric fingerprint scanner allows you to access to your firearms or valuable possession quickly. The interiorly mounted hinges and two-point anti-impact latches help in protecting from theft. Its slim design with a durable powder coat finishes prevent rust and ensure the long-lasting protection of the possession. A 4-foot security cable allows you to secure the firearm below your car seat, or anywhere in your house.


  • Comes with two master keys
  • The Vaultek phone app shows the detailed history log
  • It can store 20 unique fingerprint IDs


  • It does not work on a wet finger

This safe’s great features, stylish design, and its high tech quality make it the best gun safe in terms of diverse features. It is a perfect device that provides many features, along with the ability to protect yourself by keeping your weapon accessible and secure.

  1. GunVault Nanovault 200 Pistol Safe

The Nanovault is a portable and suitable little gun safe that can store a handy firearm and other valuable things. The 1.25-inch memory foam provides a cushion bottom for your firearm to avoid getting scuffed or scratched. The 18-gauge steel constructions, large size, pry, and drill resistant, make sure for the safety of the gun even in a compact box.

It comes with a 1500lb security cable to tie up the safe to a fixed object for easy and quick access. This safe is an essential element that gets the work done because of its easy-to-operate locking system. This safe is ideal for the carrier who travels as Nanovault 200 meets TSA forearm guidelines. It can give protection on the move because of its portability and also makes an outstanding choice for every traveler. Nanovault 200 includes five years full warranty against burglar and fire.


  • Heavy Steel Housing gives protection from external elements.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It fits perfectly in vehicles, desks and bags.


  • There is no alternate unlocking system.

The main advantage of having this safe is, you don’t need any other tools to set up this gun safe. And for the price, this product gives satisfactory protection and usefulness.

  1. Pistol Safe Quick Access Electronic Keypad 2 Emergency Keys

When you need to keep your cash, gun or valuables securely concealed yet easily and quickly accessible, the new electronic Keypad safe is your ideal security guard. It comes with both biometric and combination entry for you to choose. The high-quality biometric pistol safe can store up to thirty-two unique and different fingerprints.

This safe also comprises two emergency keys and four-digit PIN numbers for easy and quick access. A built-in interior LED light gives high-quality visibility of the products, even in the dark. This pistol safe includes a simple design and an anti-scratch finish which suits any styles of interior decor. With the help of 2 masonry bolts for concrete surfaces and two coach screws for timber surfaces, you can fasten against the wall, into the floor, and even under the bed.


  • Option to set to silent mode
  • Quick set-up and easy operation
  • Includes 4 AA batteries


  • Not Fireproof or water-resistant
  • Limited Storage

Though pistols are much easier to put out of sight than shotguns and rifles, yet it is still recommended to keep the gun in a safe. And this Pistol Safe Quick Access Electronic Keypad is the best choice to protect you guns in your home or office.


Buyers Guide

Why You Need A Gun Safe?


A gun safe is a great asset that ensures the safety of your family and neighborhood. If you are still not persuaded as to why you should go for the best gun safe, there are various reasons why you should rethink the need for one.

 Protection from theft

A gun safe is not only a case. It has high tech features like solid steel construction, biometrics, and a safety locking system. These are unbreakable boxes made of metal which makes it challenging to try and steal anything out of it.

    Safety of the gun

One of the most crucial reasons why you need a gun safe is for the safety of the firearms. Storing the gun in a high-quality safe will prevent corrosion. Gun safes provide an atmosphere that is free from humidity, which is perfect for keeping your gun clean and working.

   Safety from children

The priority of any parent is the safety of his/her children. Therefore, keeping your arms in a gun safe prevents the possibility of the children gaining access to the weapons and it also complies with Child Access Prevention Laws.

    Quick and easy access to the firearms

The majority of gun safes can be opened by authorized users in a few seconds. Merely confirm biometrically or enter the security code to gain access.

  Protection from Fire and water

Fires and flood are disastrous events in everyone’s life. Valuable possessions like documents can be lost during the fire. However, owning a gun safe with unique fireproofing can save not only your firearms but also important personal belongings. Some of the gun safes are designed to resist temperatures of 1,800°F for sixty minutes.

Protection of ownership right:

A gun is a long-term asset which should be taken care of. Because of poor handling of guns, you might end up getting caught by state laws. Therefore, having your weapon well locked inside a gun safe makes you not only a responsible gun owner but also a good citizen.

   Protection of valuable asset

Gun safes not only store guns but also your valuable assets like jewelry, cash, and documents. It protects your valuables as well as weapons from robbery and fire.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gun Safe

Buying a Gun safe involves considering many important factors, including the features of the safe, the desired uses of the safe, and other capabilities that will ensure that your investment is worthwhile. Searching for the right safe is sometimes a difficult task. Therefore, consider this list before buying a gun safe as it may touch on a few things you haven’t thought of:

   Maximum protection

Consider a safe that provides maximum protection like drill resistance, fireproof materials, and water resistance, etc.

 Back up option

Safes with an electronic keypad will require batteries which may run out eventually. Therefore, buy a gun safe that has a key that can act as a backup option for access.

   Weight and Size

Before purchasing a safe, consider researching the size and weight. Think of what you intend to keep in the safe and where to keep it. These factors will help you in saving space according to your needs.

   Locking system

Consider looking for a gun safe that has high tech and superior locking system. Many gun safes are operated with biometric scanning, but you can also get locks which are activated through Bluetooth via Smartphone App.

Safety features

The high-quality bolting locks, door frames, electronic locks and security layers are all essential aspect when investing in a safe.


Some gun safe companies offer a unique plan that enables you to extend the warranty period. Check if there is an option for a lifetime warranty, as it will keep you from having any future problems.

   Steel Gauging

Try to look for more than ten gauge steel to make sure that your safe can resist the assault of power tools. The higher the steel gauge, the more they will be able to prevent being drilled.

   Anchors and Mounting

Securing the safe to the wall or floor provides an extra level of security. Therefore, if you find a safe with no ways of mounting, try contacting the manufacturer to see if any modification can be done without voiding the warranty.


Instead of looking at the cost of the product, consider looking at its protection and safety features. As many costly gun safes don’t even offer the same durability and features as other safes that are cheaper.

Knowing the gun safes laws

Owing a gun is your responsibility, and it also requires you to comply with the gun safety laws. These laws require you to store your firearms in a gun safe when it is not in use.

There are a variety of options that you can choose for a new gun safe. Gun safes vary significantly and come in different styles, types, and sizes. You should always consider out the pros and cons as the safe could mean the difference between life and death if you are using it for protection.

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