Top 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Reviews

Airsoft Snipers have become very popular and as such finding out the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle can become challenging and confusing as well. An Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a rifle which resembles in shape, size, and function to an actual rifle, however, instead of real bullets they use plastic or rubber bullets, and they are non-lethal. Airsoft Guns use two types of mechanisms for firing bullets, and they are either Mechanical which uses coil springs or Automatic which uses compressed air. Some of the most common uses of Air rifles are for Fun and Hobby, Target Shooting and Animal Control.

Below we have chosen and written a review of the ten Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle, and they are as follows:

UTG Green Type 96 BBTac MB06 Well L96
Best For The Buck Highly Recommended Best All-Rounder
480 FPS 475FPS 430FPS
260ft Range 200ft Range 170ft Range
All Plastic w/ Metal Parts All Plastic w/ Metal Parts All Plastic w/ Metal Parts
7.4 lbs 5.3 lbs 5.5 lbs
30rds Magazine Capacity 27rds Magazine Capacity 25rds Magazine Capacity
  1. UTG Green Type 96 airsoft Rifle Shadow OPS Airsoft gun

The UTG Green Type 96 airsoft rifle is the first airsoft rifle on our list, and it delivers a superb all-around experience. It combines potent firepower, superb user comfort, and unmatched performance compared to the competition making it a compelling choice for Airsoft sniper rifles enthusiasts.

When talking about the performance of the rifle, it has a caliber of 6mm and a muzzle velocity of 450 feet per second, and it comes equipped with a magazine which can hold up to 23 rounds. It is based on a Bolt action, and as such, it shoots exceptionally well. On the accuracy front, the UTG Green Type 96 Sniper rifle comes with a high precision metal barrel, an adjustable hop-up system, a high-quality foldable bipod.

The build quality of the gun is also impressive as the majority of the gun is made entirely of metal with only the butt stock of the gun being made of plastic. The sniper rifle also comes equipped with scope mounts so that you can mount the sniper rifle with mounts of your choice.

When you buy the UTG Green Type 96 airsoft rifle, you will get two 23 rounds magazine, a bipod and bipod adapter, a speed loader and a sling. The sniper rifle weighs in at 11.35 pounds making it a very compact rifle. The airsoft rifle Shadow OPS Airsoft gun comes with a 30-day warranty as well, and it is priced reasonably making it an excellent deal.

Best airsoft sniper rifle

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  1. BBTac MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod

Next review is on the BBTac MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle which comes with a  3x Scope and Bipod with a bolt mechanism. This Airsoft Sniper Rifle is compact and features a small profile. However, despite its compact nature it comes packed with a load of features some of which are accuracy and power.

The BBTac despite being compact is very well designed offering very good handling ergonomics. On the performance front, the sniper rifle deploys a spring-loaded bolt mechanism that allows it to shoot at velocities of more than 450 feet per second with 6 mm caliber bullets housed in a magazine which can hold 24 rounds.

This Rifle is best suited for long range shooting, and as such it comes equipped with a scope which provides three times the magnification power for better accuracy and also comes equipped with a foldable bipod providing stability as well. Since the BBTac Airsoft Sniper rifle deploys a spring powered bolt mechanism, there is no need for additional gas sources or external batteries making it much easier to use.

It further comes equipped with Rail mounts which making it easy to attach external optics and other tactical equipment as well. The BBTac MB06 SR-2 is priced under $150 making it a great buy for beginners who are starting out and for intermediate users as well.

MetalTac MB06 Airsoft sniper Rifle

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  1. GF529 Game Face Sniper Airsoft Rifle 6mm BB 52004

If you want a spring powered Airsoft sniper who is capable of making long-distance shots, high on quality while at the same time is affordable and easy to use look no further than the GF529 Game Face Sniper Airsoft Rifle 6mm BB 52004.

The GF529 Game Face Sniper rifle uses the highest quality ABS plastic materials for the stock while the barrel and the chambers are made from metal delivering high build quality without compromising on the performance front. The Game Face Sniper rifle uses 6mm caliber BB pellets which allow it to achieve a velocity close to 400 feet per second making it potent enough for Airsoft wars and target practices as well.

The magazine of the sniper rifle can hold a total of 29 bullets at one go. The rifle also has dual Picatinny rails allowing you to mount your favorite tactical accessories too. The GF529 Game Face Sniper Airsoft Rifle weighs in at just over 5 pounds making it extremely portable and easy to handle and operate, making it a great buy for kids as well. Upon buying the GF529 Game Face Sniper Airsoft Rifle, you will get an Ammunition speed loader, a 29 round magazine and a cleaning rod too. Overall the GF529 Game Face Airsoft sniper is an extremely capable airsoft rifle for people of all ages and price is reasonable which makes it a good investment.


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  1. Well L96 Full Metal Spring Powered Sniper Airsoft Gun w/Bipods

Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifles are becoming popular and in high demand for various reasons. As such, if you are also on the lookout for a Full Metal Airsoft Sniper rifle, then the Well L96 Spring Powered Sniper Airsoft Gun is the way to go. The Well Full Metal L96 Airsoft Sniper employs a Bolt Action mechanism which is powered by a powerful coil spring, allowing it to reach velocities of up to 450 feet per second using 6mm caliber BB bullets. The Bullets are fed by a 40 round magazine, and it also comes with a speed loader barrel allowing for faster loading times. The Well L96 also comes attached with a chin rest as well and an integrated rail system too. The Well Full Metal L96 also comes with a bipod as well for the added stability which you will need to improve accuracy. One thing to keep in mind is that it does not come equipped with a scope, so you have to buy one and attach it manually. All in all the Well L96 Bolt Action Full Metal Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper rifle lived up to the expectations, priced reasonably and is a good airsoft sniper rifle for budding marksmen as well as for seasoned veterans too.

airsoft sniper

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5. Spring Super Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tokyo Marui Black 370 fps airsoft rifle

The next Airsoft Rifle is also from Wells, and it is the Well Spring Super Airsoft Sniper Rifle which is the clone of the extremely popular Tokyo Marui rifle. The Well Spring Super Airsoft Sniper Rifle as the name suggests is a spring powered bolt action mechanism Airsoft rifle capable of shooting .20 gram BB pellets with a velocity close to 400 feet per second. This Super Rifle from Well has a maximum range of up to 200 feet. It also comes with an adjustable Hop-up and the build quality is also top notch utilizing Durable and strong ABS Plastic Polymer. The Barrel of the rifle has also been shortened to improve its maneuverability. The Well Spring Super Sniper Rifle is a replica of the Tokyo Marui rifle as such it will be appealing for people who are into Tokyo Marui Rifles. The Rifle’s magazine can take in 30 rounds at one go, providing you with enough bullets for you to enjoy shooting. The sniper rifle also provides provisions to add a sling, and it also comes with both a bipod rail and a scope rail as well. The rifle is relatively lightweight too thus increasing maneuverability and providing ease of use to its users. At less than $100 this airsoft rifle from Well, is a very compelling buy for airsoft sniper rifle enthusiasts.

Marui Black 370 fps airsoft rifle

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6. Well, 470 fps Wellfire APS SR-2 bolt action full metal rifle mb06a (Airsoft Gun)

The next rifle in the Best Airsoft rifle is the Well wellfire aps sr-2 modular Bolt Action Rifle with Full metal body rifle. If you are in search of a well built, solid, stable and accurate sniper rifle, then this Airsoft rifle from well fits the bill. The Wellfire 470 Feet per second Bolt Action Rifle with Full metal body rifle mb06a is built with a combination of metal and plastic which makes it durable and stylish at the same time. Talking about the performance and accuracy aspect of the wellfire aps se-2 action sniper rifle, the gun is capable of shooting at velocities of up to 470 feet per second, and it is extremely accurate for up to 120 yards, and the BBs of the gun is fed by a 27 round magazine. Like most of airsoft sniper rifles, it uses a bolt mechanism which is silent and extremely easy to operate. The Rifle also allows you to attach a bipod and it comes with weaver rails for you to attach a scope or other optics if needed. A unique feature of this airsoft sniper rifle is its modular nature, this airsoft sniper from Well has a collapsible and adjustable stock allowing you to adjust the rifle according to your liking. The Rifle weighs in at 5.5 pounds making it accessible for all, and it is also well priced at under 100 bucks making it one among the top ten best airsoft sniper rifles.

WellFire FPS Airsoft sniper rifle


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  1. BBTac MB06 SR-2 Sniper Airsoft Rifle

The BBTac-MBO6 Airsoft Sniper rifle is one of the most advanced Airsoft Sniper Rifle for Tactical use, which has been specifically designed for long range shooting as well as for target practices too. This Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a spring operated and comes with a bolt action, making it capable of shooting BB pellets of speeds up to 500 feet per second, and the pellets are fed by a magazine clip which holds 24 6 mm caliber rounds. The BBTac MB06 SR-2 comes further equipped with some accessories, and the first one is a Scope which allows you to magnify targets up to 3 times, greatly improving your accuracy as well. The second accessory that comes equipped with the rifle is a bipod which is extremely stable and of good quality. The rifle further comes equipped with an adjustable hop-up increasing the range and further improving its accuracy as well. Though the BBTac MB06 SR-2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is high on features, it has a small footprint thus providing more practicality and portability to its users too. The Rifle weighs in at 8.15 pounds, and it is very attractively priced, meaning that you get more than what you paid for. If you are someone who is in search of afeature-packed airsoft sniper rifle which comes bundled with accessories for without the added costs, then the BBTac MB06 SR-2 stands as one among the best Airsoft Sniper Rifle that is available today.

BBTac MB06 SR-2 Sniper Airsoft Rifle

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  1. AGM MP 001 Airsoft Sniper with Bolt mechanism

If you happen to be someone looking for an accurate rifle either for target shooting or to use in airsoft combat wars than the sniper rifle from AGM will make for a great choice. The Sniper from AGM comes with a body which is made from high-quality wood and heavyweight metal, while its barrel is made from a long piece of aluminum making it durable and lightweight at the same time. The rifle employs spring powered bolt action mechanism making it a very potent sniper rifle, allowing it to fire BB pellets with velocities touching 500 feet per second. The pellets are held in a magazine which can store a total of 30 BB pellets at once. The AGM mp001 airsoft rifle is also equipped with rails, allowing you to mount scopes of varying magnification power too and it also allows you to add a sling to the sniper rifle as well. It also allows you to manually adjust the Hop-up to improve the rifle’s accuracy and its range. The overall look and feel of this sniper rifle is pretty much close to a real one, and this further adds appeal to the rifle. The AGM MP 001 airsoft sniper rifle with bolt action weighs in at only 5.65 pounds  providing great value for money.

AGM MP 001 Airsoft Sniper

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  1. BBTac Sniper BT-L96 Bolt Action Rifle with Bipod & Scope Package

The BBTac L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a very accurate and excellent clone of the AWP sniper rifle which is a very potent airsoft sniper rifle which operates on a bolt mechanism. The BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle is made from high quality and durable plastic while its barrel is a single long piece of aluminum which provides excellent range and accuracy. Not only, that the BBTac Airsoft sniper also comes preloaded with a huge range of accessories which include a foldable bipod for added stability, a scope with a detachable laser for magnification as well as accuracy. The BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle BT-L96 uses a bolt action mechanism which employs coil springs to propel BB pellets at velocities of up to 320 feet per second. Since, the rifle uses a spring mechanism it is very easy to use, is fast and requires only a small amount of maintenance as well. The Rifle’s magazine clip is capable of taking in 30 rounds at one go, allowing users to engage for longer sessions. The sling mounts and its trigger are made of metal too adding further durability and appeal to the sniper rifle. The sniper rifle weighs in at a hefty ten pounds providing for a more realistic feel while at the same time adding added stability to the rifle. Taking into account the features and added accessories that the rifle comes equipped with; its affordable price is more than justifiable.

BBTac Sniper BT-L96

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  1. Lancer Tactical Cyma ZM51 Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope and Bipod

The last airsoft sniper rifle on our list of the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle is the Lancer Tactical Cyma ZM51 Bolt Action Rifle with Scope and Bipod. The Lancer Tactical Cyma ZM51 is a full true to size scale model of the original rifle and it stands as one among the best airsoft sniper rifles for beginners too. The Rifle is made of high quality and durable polymer plastic which provides structural integrity and added durability to the Airsoft Rifle while its barrel is made of metal. The rifle is potent enough too, with it providing velocities of up to 400 frames per second depending on the weight of the BB pellets. When talking about its operating mechanism, it uses a bolt action mechanism which is coil spring based doing away with the need for external air cans or external battery packs. The Lancer Tactical Cyma ZM51 Bolt Action Rifle is also modular as it comes with a detachable stock too. The Rifle also comes equipped with a detachable and foldable bipod, a detachable scope mount and front and rear sling mounts too. The sniper rifle also weighs in at only 5.8 pounds making it extremely portable, maneuverable and easy to use. Priced at under $100 this stands as one among the best deals when it comes to the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

Lancer Tactical Cyma ZM51 rifle

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Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Buyers Guide

Shooting with Airsoft Sniper Rifles stands as one among the best ways to improve your target shooting, and it is also a great hobby for gun enthusiasts as well. Airsoft sniper rifles though have a lot of power tend to be much safer and cheaper than real firearms. As such, an Airsoft Sniper Rifle will not only help you to improve your shooting accuracy, but it will also help you save money in the process. This makes investing in an Airsoft Sniper Rifle a good case. However, before you buy your new Airsoft sniper rifle, there are a few things which you should keep in mind and consider before buying your next Airsoft sniper rifle. With the market flooded with hundreds of companies offering various types of Airsoft Sniper Rifles, it can become quite confusing and unnerving at the same time, as such there are a lot of factors to be considered when selecting one for you and they are as follows: 

The Accuracy

Accuracy is the most important thing which is required in a sniper. And there are a lot of things which affect a sniper rifle’s accuracy, and these include its barrel, its hop up and the scope. As such while choosing for a new Airsoft Sniper Rifle one should see to it that the barrel is of high quality, aluminum is the best in most cases. When it comes to the hop-up, investing in a good hop up rubber will go a long way in making your airsoft sniper more accurate. A great hop up chamber can also drastically increase the accuracy of an Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

The Power

The next thing to take into account is the power of the sniper rifle. Airsoft Snipers are either mechanically powered, i.e., springs, electrically powered, i.e., Gearboxes and Gas powered airsoft rifles. Of the three the most powerful of the bunch is Gas powered rifles, , and it should be your choice if you want to get the maximum power input but they tend generally tend to be expensive as well, as such if you are looking for more cheaper approaches, then a Spring powered airsoft sniper rifle is the next best alternative. You might want to opt for a harder spring and other correlating parts that go with it. With electrically powered airsoft sniper rifles you can opt for one with a great gearbox. Either way, depending on your situation and the needs you are fulfilling with the Airsoft rifle, you can choose accordingly.

The Accessories

Accessories also play a huge factor when you go out and buy your own Airsoft Sniper Rifle. Though, Airsoft Sniper Rifles do not have such a long shooting range compared to the traditional firearms, however, adding a scope to the Airsoft rifle is also a must as well. There are a lot of scopes which are offered to be used with airsoft sniper rifles and these rifles also come equipped with rails to accommodate them as well. Many already come equipped with scopes, however, in case yours does not have one, you can get a lot of scopes with some of them being super affordable while the others being expensive. The next accessory is the bipod, which is two-legged stand which is attached to the barrel, allowing the shooter to get a better position as well as providing stability too. There are different varieties of bipods available, however; most of them perform the same function. As such you can get a bipod based on your budget.

These are some of the tips which you should keep in mind while choosing the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for yourself.