Best Airsoft Pistol Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

Airsoft Pistols are getting more popular than ever and if you wish to get the Best Airsoft Pistol for yourself than we have come up with a review to help you get the best deal for yourself. Airsoft Pistols came into form as replacement of real firearms, and they were mostly used for hobby purposes only. Airsoft pistols were first seen in Japan, and they gradually started gaining popularity with time, and it spread to other neighboring countries as well. Airsoft Guns as such started to evolve and became more complex and more potent over time. As of today, Airsoft Pistols are found almost everywhere, and they are used in competition, for recreation, and for fun.

  1. KWA 6mm Adaptive Training Airsoft Pistol

The first airsoft pistol which makes it in the Best Airsoft Pistol Reviews is the KWA 6mm Adaptive Training Pistol. This Airsoft Pistol from KWA is based on the designs of pistols which are commonly used by the military and law enforcement agencies, and as such it has been developed to be used as a training pistol for these types of agencies. The Airsoft Pistol’s body is made from a mixture of polymer and aluminum alloy making it an extremely robust and durable pistol. It has also been designed in such a way to fit, multiple types of holsters too.

Talking about the working mechanism of the airsoft pistol, it is a blowback gun which is operated by gas and as a result offers fast and efficient performance. Coming to the features that it provides, it comes with a bottom rail which allows you to attach tactical accessories such as flashlights, lasers, etc. It also comes equipped with a three dot sight which allows the users to acquire the target easily thus enhancing the accuracy.

Another unique thing about the KWA 6mm Adaptive Training Pistol is that it comes with an adjustable hop-up as well as an interchangeable backstrap allowing the user to customize the airsoft pistol according to his/her needs. The KWA 6mm Adaptive Training Pistol only weighs in at 1.95 making it an extremely portable and compact airsoft pistol. It is also aptly priced which makes it one of among the most capable and value filled airsoft pistols available today.

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  1. Elite Force Umarex Tac 1911 Airsoft Pistol

The 1911 is a very popular airsoft pistol, and Elite Force brings to you one of the best versions of the 1911 in the form of the Elite Force Umarex Tac 1911 Airsoft Pistol. This Airsoft Pistol stands as one of the best and most realistic 1911 pistol replicas, as it features a full metal construction adding heft and further realism to it. The 1911 Tac is based on the gas blowback mechanism and features two firing modes which are Semi-automatic and safety.

The Airsoft Pistol also comes with a blowback functionality which makes you feel like shooting a real 1911. The Performance of the Elite Force Tac 1911 is also impressive as it can shoot 9mm caliber BB pellets at 370 feet per second with the magazine being able to hold 14 rounds. The Airsoft pistol also comes equipped with a rail allowing you to mount a wide range of accessories such as a flashlight, a laser, and other tactical accessories. Its barrel is also elongated allowing you to add either a silencer or a suppressor accordingly.

On the accuracy front, the Elite Force Umarex Tec 1911 Airsoft Pistol comes with a hop up which is adjustable, and it comes with a rear sight too. To add further variety the Elite Force Umarex Tac 1911 Airsoft Pistol is offered in four different colors Black, Grey, Stainless and Earth Brown. The Airsoft Pistol weighs in at 2.45 pounds and is fairly priced.

Elite Force 1911 Airsoft pistol

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  1. Umarex 4th Generation Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol

The Glock 17 is one of the most iconic handguns ever created and as such it has been in use for many decades by the law enforcement, the military and has also been a staple among enthusiasts around the world. Umarex as such stepped forward and came up with an airsoft replica version of the 4th Generation Glock 17 with blowback functionality.

The build and the ergonomics of the gun are identical to the Original Glock 17 in almost all aspects. It comes with a polymer and metal construction with added grip texture just like the original, and it also possesses the same takedown procedure as well. The gun’s upper slider is also made of full metal adding to the realism of the gun.

The Umarex 4th Generation Glock 17 Airsoft pistol sources its power from Gas and as such it achieves a velocity of 290 Feet per Second with the 6mm Calibre BB pellets being supplied by a 20 round magazine which is drop free. It also comes with a blowback functionality which makes it the shooting seem more real adding further appeal to it. The Umarex Glock Airsoft Pistol also houses a rail which allows users to attach tactical accessories to it adding more functionality to the airsoft pistol. On the safety front, the airsoft pistol also comes with a safety trigger to prevent any accidental firing. The Airsoft Pistol weighed in at 1.45 pounds and has a good price range it makes a case for one of the best airsoft pistol available today.

Umarex 4th Airsoft Pistol

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  1. Colt Soft Air 1911 Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The Colt 1911 is a historical handgun as it was first introduced in the year 1911 and it is still being used today by the military and many law enforcement agencies worldwide. This makes it the longest standing service handgun in the world and for a good reason because of its remark design and superb functionality.

The Colt Soft Air 1911 Airsoft Pistol is a remarkable replica of the original colt 1911and is built by KWC. This Airsoft gun carries all the design elements of the original colt, which includes a full metal slide, full metal frame and a full metal barrel, a functional hammer, a safety switch, superb blowback functionality, and many more features.

The Gun is powered by a 12-gram CO2 magazine which is full metal, holding 17 rounds and is capable of propelling 6mm BB pellets at speeds of up to 360 Feet per second making it a force to be reckoned with. On the Accuracy and the range front, the Colt Soft Air 1911 Blowback C02 Airsoft Pistol comes with fixed sights both on the front and rear, and it also comes with a fully adjustable hop-up to increase the overall range of the gun. The Airsoft Pistol weighs in at 2 pounds making it extremely portable and versatile allowing the user to engage in much higher levels of action too. This iconic Airsoft Pistol will set you back around 100 bucks and is a great addition for collectors as well as combat enthusiasts.

Colt Soft Air Pistol

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  1. CZ P-09 ASG Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol

The CZ P-09 ASG is a Gas Powered Airsoft pistol which has been manufactured after getting fully licensed from Ceska Zbrokjovka a Czech Firearms manufacturer. The CZ P-09 as such is a full-sized Airsoft pistol which is manufactured using a combination of Nylon Fibre and Heavy duty metal. The Airsoft Pistol’s frame is made of reinforced nylon fiber, whereas its slide and its barrel are made of high-quality metal.

Thus, in the build quality department, the CZ P-09 ASG Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol is top notch. When it comes to the ergonomics and the overall fit and finish, the airsoft pistol comes with a textured frame allowing for a secure grip, while the front and rear slides feature serrations. Coming to its performance, the CZ P-09 is gas powered and as such uses Green Gas or Propane to power it, allowing the 6mm BB pellets to reach velocities of 279 feet per second without breaking a sweat. Being a gas powered airsoft pistol, it also features a realistic and seamless blowback functionality giving the Airsoft pistol strong recoil adding a more realistic range of motion to it.

The CZ P-09 ASG Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol also comes with outer barrel threading allowing you to attach a suppressor or a silencer; it also comes with a slide rail which can house multiple tactical accessories such as a flashlight, laser optics, and other add-ons. The CZ P-09 airsoft pistol further comes with a three dot sight system to enhance its accuracy as well. The CZ P-09 can be yours for under $200 which is a bargain for the features and value it comes with.

CZ P-09 ASG Airsoft pistol

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  1. Umarex Heckler and Koch P30 Airsoft Pistol

Heckler and Koch is a German defense manufacturing company which is known worldwide for manufacturing handguns, rifles, machine guns, etc. The Umarex Heckler and Koch P30 Airsoft Pistol are based on one of its most popular pistol, the HK P30. Umarex as such has done a fantastic job with HK P30 Airsoft Pistol creating a near perfect replica of the original HK P30.

Just as with the original HK P30, the Umarex HK P30 Airsoft pistol is made of a combination of plastic molding in the lower parts and metal works in the upper part which includes the slide, barrel, sights, etc. making its build quality on par with the real deal. Talking about the performance of the Umarex P30, it is powered by a 12g CO2 capsule which can fire semi-automatically propelling 4.5mm BB pellets at roughly 360 Feet per Second and another unique thing about the Umarex P30 is that it can even shoot lead and steel BB pellets too.

The ambidextrous magazine houses eight pellets or 15 BB rounds as well as the CO2 cylinder adding further heft to the airsoft gun. The Umarex P30 also comes with an accessory rail for attaching tactical accessories, a fully adjustable rear sight, and a manual safety too. It also comes with a double or single trigger action adding further functionality to the Gun. The Umarex Heckler and Koch weigh in at 2.55 pounds which is nearly identical to the original HK P30, while its dimensions are also similar to the original one. It is available in different colors making it an excellent contender for the Best Airsoft Pistol.

Umarex Heckler Airsoft pistol

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  1. Umarex Elite II Beretta CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Beretta is a well know Arms manufacturer, and it is known for producing some of the most common firearms in the world with the Elite II being one among them. Umarex as such has brought the legacy of Beretta to the Airsoft world with the Umarex Elite II Beretta CO2 Airsoft Pistol which is the replica of the Beretta Elite II.

The Umarex Elite II Beretta has a lower body which is made of high-quality polymer, whereas its upper including the barrel is made of metal making it very close to the original both regarding size, weight, and appearance. Powering the Umarex Elite II Beretta Airsoft Pistol is a 12 gram, CO2 capsule which is housed in the magazine of the gun. The Airsoft Pistol features semi-automatic firing action and can shoot BB pellets out of its barrel at velocities reaching 380 Feet Per Second making it extremely potent.

Its magazine is a drop free type and as such can house 15 rounds at a time while also facilitating faster reload speeds. The Umarex Elite II Beretta also comes with fixed front and rear sights allowing you to lock to your targets much quicker. It also comes with a safety lock as well to prevent any accidental firings too. The Airsoft Pistol also comes equipped with an accessory rail allowing you to attach multiple tactical accessories to enhance the experience further.

Umarex Elite II Beretta

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  1. Crosman P311 Stinger Airsoft Pistol

The Next Airsoft Pistol Review is of the Crosman P311 Stinger, which is based on the widely known Pistol, the Colt 1911. The Crosman P311 is a perfect airsoft pistol for beginners and entry level airsoft enthusiasts since they are relatively cheap. Though the airsoft pistol is cheap, it comes with solid plastic construction, while its barrel is made from aluminum thus providing you with quality and durability.

Coming to the mechanism which it is based on, the Crosman P311 Stinger Airsoft Pistol is powered by a strong coil spring which allows you to shoot 6mm caliber BB pellets at velocities of up to 325 Feet per Second, with the bb pellets being housed in a magazine which can hold 12 rounds. One unique feature about the Crosman P311 Stinger Airsoft Pistol is that it comes with a functional hammer which adds a more genuine feeling to the Airsoft Pistol. To aid you while shooting targets, the stinger Airsoft pistol also comes with front and rear sights, and it also features a hop up to adjust the range of your Airsoft Pistol.

Though the Crosman P311 Stinger Airsoft Pistol might feature a very attractive price tag, it is far from perfect and has its own set of flaws, which include its magazine with no reserve feature, its safety which is located on the inconvenient left side. However, despite these minor flaws, the Crosman P311 Stinger Airsoft Rifle is a very capable airsoft pistol, making it a good choice for target shooting, casual airsoft matches.

Crossman p311 Airsoft pistol

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  1. Colt 1911 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Kit

If you wish to make the best deal while buying the best airsoft pistol, then the Colt 1911 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Kit might be the one to buy. The Original Colt 1911 is still in service today, and it is regarded as the longest-serving firearm in history, with it serving hundreds of militaries worldwide. As such, the Colt 1911 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is based on the Original Colt 1911 featuring a full metal upper and high quality lower made of polymer.

The Airsoft Pistol has a full metal slide, a full metal frame, and barrel, along with a functional hammer, a safety switch, and superb blowback functionality. It is powered by 12g CO2 Cartridges which propels the 6mm BB pellets at speeds reaching 344 feet per second with the pellets housed in its magazine which can hold a total of 17 rounds. The Airsoft Pistol also comes with front and rear sights as well as an accessory rail along with an adjustable hop up to improve the rage of the pistol. This makes the Colt 1911 blowback an all-rounder.

To further sweeten the deal, this airsoft pistol kit comes equipped with a spare magazine, Five 12g Swiss Arms CO2 Cartridges and a bottle of .20g airsoft BBs. Since this kit comes equipped with all the essential extras and supplies; it makes for a very good deal as it is fairly priced, saving you a lot of money in the process.

Colt 1911 Blowback airsoft pistol

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  1. Umarex M92 A1 Beretta Steel BB Airsoft Pistol

The M92 A1 Beretta is one of the most loved Handguns in the world, with it being adopted by many militaries and law agencies worldwide and thus it has established a reputation for itself for its reliability and accuracy. As such, if you are looking out for the best quality replica of the M92 A1 Beretta, then the Umarex M92 A1 Beretta Steel BB Airsoft Pistol is the best replica amongst the sea of multiple replicas that are available.

This Beretta replica from Umarex has an amazing build quality with its body featuring a full metal construction adding heft and originality to the Airsoft Pistol. The Umarex Beretta Airsoft Pistol is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge which is housed in the magazine of the airsoft pistol that can hold 26 rounds. The Umarex M92 A1 Beretta is capable of reaching velocities of nearing 400 feet per second making it a potent airsoft pistol.  When it comes to the shooting, it features two shooting modes, full auto, and single shot, with the full auto mode allowing you to empty a magazine in less than 2 minutes flat.

To add more realism to the airsoft pistol, it comes with blowback functionality and slides back when there are no rounds left in the magazine. On the Accessory front, the Umarex M92 A1 Beretta Airsoft Pistol has a Picatinny accessory rail underneath the barrel allowing users to attach various tactical accessories such as lasers, optics, flashlights, etc. The Umarex M92 A1 Beretta Steel BB Airsoft Pistol also comes with front and rear sights to help you find your target accurately as well. All these features combined make it a superb choice for anyone on the lookout for a high-quality Airsoft Gun .

Umarex M92 Airsoft pistol

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Factors To Consider When Buying Airsoft Pistols

The Type

Airsoft pistols are of various types, and these include C02 powered, spring powered, battery powered, etc. CO2 powered ones are the most popular, which is followed by spring powered ones and as such based on your personal preference and usage pattern; you can select a specific type which suits your needs.

The Price

Airsoft Pistols are also available at various price brackets, with some of them being available at very low prices, while some of them being priced sky high. However, a cheaply priced pistol doesn’t necessarily mean an inferior pistol and vice-versa. However, one thing to keep in mind is to be aware of your budget and then find the best one that fits the budget.


The overall quality of an airsoft pistol also varies greatly, and it might depend on various factors which include the manufacturer, the price, the materials, etc. As such, while buying airsoft pistols keep an eye for the build quality, the materials used, the manufacturing process, the brand, etc. A good quality airsoft pistol can go a long way; in contrast, a bad quality pistol is inviting problems.

The Performance

The performance of an airsoft gun is usually taken into account through its Velocity and accuracy. The velocity of any airsoft gun is measured in feet per second, and the higher the number, the better its velocity is. The accuracy is measured by shooting targets at varying distances and taking into the account the hits and misses. There are various factors which influence the performance of an airsoft pistol, and these include its type, its build materials, the type of pellets, its price, etc. As such to get the best performance out of an airsoft pistol, it will require you to get a certain combination of factors correct.


Airsoft Pistols have come a long way and have advanced significantly too. With the passage of time what started as out as a simple hobby has grown into a huge culture with millions of people buying airsoft pistols, not only for a hobby but competitive sports, for training purposes, to play airsoft wars, to practice target shooting and so on. As such with the increase in its popularity, the number of manufacturers and sellers has also significantly increased too with the market being diluted with a lot of manufacturers. This has created problems for buyers as it becomes difficult for them to make the correct and appropriate choice for themselves. As such, the above list will help you to make the best choice and select the best Airsoft pistol for yourself.

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