Best Airsoft masks Reviews And Buyers Guide 2019

When it comes to determining the Best Airsoft masks, protection is the primary priority. There are a lot of options available for Airsoft masks which may mislead you to ignore the Best Airsoft masks. This can be because of the lack of proper knowledge. We will list out the Best Airsoft Masks to help you pick the best one.

  1. Outgeek Airsoft Full Face War Game Steel Mesh Protective Mask

The Outgeek full face mask is one of the best Airsoft mask available on Amazon. Its primary feature lies in its extraordinary toughness with the capability of withstanding bbs shots of over 700 fps. This toughness is attributed to the fact that it is designed with an innovative combination of polytene coating procedure along with the annealing hardening technique at low temperature.

The outgeek Airsoft steel mesh mask doesn’t just restrict itself to providing maximum toughness. The fact that it is also flexible makes it a much more convenient mask to wear. Usually, one wouldn’t associate toughness and flexible together, but the Outgeek full face mask does. The mask has more than adequate air vent to allow you to breathe properly as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to suffocate yourself while playing Airsoft. That would be rather ironic, isn’t it? Luckily, the mask allows enough air to penetrate through the inside of the mask, hence, enabling a proper air circulation.

The outeek Airsoft full face mask is also amongst the Best Airsoft Mask due to the overall protection that it provides. Unlike most Airsoft masks that cover only your eyes or mouth, the outgeek mask covers everything – from your eyes, head, mouth to ears as well. You can also wear protective goggles inside the mask if you wish to improve your vision and of course for additional protection.

The mask is suitable for heads that measure 23 inches or smaller. The outgeek full face mask weights 0.119 kg (which is extremely light).

2.Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles

The good thing about Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel mesh is that it is suitable for all purposes. Of course, that only applies to outdoor war/shooting games. Apart from Airsoft, it can also be used for paintball or hunting. But wait, there’s more, it can also be used for any Costume parties such as Cosplays or Halloween Costume parties (with additional costume clothes, of course).

The most crucial advantage of Half face Airsoft mask is that you have the option of wearing only goggles or mesh mask depending on your convenience. The Outgeek Airsoft Steel mesh and Goggles comes with separate steel mesh mask and a tactical goggle in its packaging. Both the products are extremely lightweight and durable as well. The steel mesh mask is made from low-carbon steel, and the tactical Goggles is made out of ABS plastics, which ensures maximum durability.

The steel mesh mask has an adequate amount of air holes to enable a comfortable and breathable mask. The mesh mask also has dual adjustable straps, so that you can adjust the size as per your convenience. The tactical goggle is extremely light in weight and has soft interior pads to ensure maximum comfort. It is also UV protected to allow you to see more clearly, and above all protects your eyes from the harmful Sunrays for those hot summer outdoor Airsoft game.

The Outgeek half face steel mesh and tactical goggle provide more than adequate protection for any shooting games. It is capable of withstanding BB shots of 310 fps or below in 5 meters range.

  1. OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection

The first time you set your eyes on the OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft mask, you will be reminded of some badass character from a movie. It goes without saying that looking cool is probably not your priority while deciding on the Best Airsoft mask, but if a mask is giving you all the protection that you need and making you look badass while doing it, why should you ignore it, right? It’s just icing to the cake.

Its looks and appearance is only a secondary feature. Other than that the OutdoorMaster Airsoft full face mask is a proper Airsoft mask. It is capable of providing maximum protection to your whole face. It has strategic air vents for your mouth and nose. Not to mention the air vent holes for your eyes to enable more protection while allowing you to have a clear vision as well.

The OutdoorMaster full face Airsoft mask is fully adjustable if not anything. The mask comes with an incredible 6 adjustable straps so that you can adjust it to find your perfect fit without much hassle. The mask is also lightweight and provides more than adequate durability owing to its sturdy and robust design. The durability is primarily credited to its design which is made from 100% synthetic resin. The product is also free from any toxins and odors, which in many closed full face mask is a major problem.

The OutdoorMaster Full Face metal mesh eye protection mask is one the most recommended airsoft mask on Amazon. It is available in 9 different colors and weights 0.32 kg, and dimension of 10.2 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches.

  1. Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull CS Mask with Fan

The Outgeek M50 mask looks like it came straight out from “Breaking Bad” or a chemistry laboratory (which are basically the same thing). The Outgeek M50 also has loads and loads of safety and protective features that help it to stand out as one of the Best Airsoft Mask on Amazon. The construction of the mask is overall very sturdy and rigid that adds to its durability factor. The quality of the mask is also different and unique, in the sense that it is engineered and designed with shock-resistant plastics. Most of the other full face Airsoft mask is made out of plastics, which means that they are solid and uncomfortable. The advantage of plastics is that it provides more flexibility and also better shock absorption capability.

The outgeek M50 full face mask comes with two pairs of protective Goggles or Glasses to ensure maximum safety four eyes. These Goggles have UV protection feature and are also explosion-proof. You probably won’t be playing with the actual explosions, but still, it’s assuring to know that the Goggles have the highest level of protection.

The air circulation inside the mask is also more than sufficient. With more than the required amount of air vents, it makes breathing a much more easy and convenient affair. Also, the presence of additional “dual fans” on each side allows the mask to circulate air more efficiently and keep you cool as well. It also has multiple nylon straps to enable you to adjust the mask as per your fitting size.

With all the above features, the Outgeek M50 airsoft full face mask is one of the Best Airsoft mask available in the market at present. It weighs 0.857 kg and has a dimension of 11 X 11 X 3.9 inches.

  1. Gen X Global: GNX XVSN Paintball Masks

The Gen X Global mask is probably the Best Budget Airsoft/paintball mask available on Amazon. Despite its budget price range, the GNX XVSN paintball mask comes loaded with premium features. The overall construction of the mask is rigid and sturdy, which contributes to its durability and also its toughness aspect. The mask is made from hard plastics which means that it provides maximum protection to your face from those painful BB shots. The GNX XVSN also comes with multiple strap design to ensure that you get your perfect fit for those intense Airsoft battles. This provides you with additional assurance that your Airsoft mask won’t betray you in the middle of the game.

The default Goggles/Glasses that comes with the mask is also on par with other premium Airsoft masks Goggles. The Goggles has Anti-Fog capability which is more than a welcoming bonus for any Airsoft mask at that price range or any high-end Masks to be precise. The anti-fog feature enables your Goggles to give you maximum vision even on those blurry, foggy days. The Goggles are also detachable, meaning that you can take them out separately if you do not require it.

Best Airsoft Mask Buying Guide

There are numerous aspects that you should consider before deciding on the Best Airsoft mask. The factors may vary from person to person depending on their needs, but protection and convenience should take the utmost priority in any case.

  • Full Face or Half Face

The option to choose Full or Half face is completely dependent on you. Since there are so many products out there, it will be a much wise step to decide which one you want before you proceed to go searching. Consider the pros and cons of both the masks.

If you want a proper Full face cover without compromising any part of your face, Full Face Mask will suit you better. Also, they are more robust and durable.

Half Face masks will give you the option to use the mask and Goggles separately. They are usually more comfortable as your whole face isn’t covered, and they are cheaper as well. It, however, makes some compromises with the protection factor since most of your face remains exposed.

  • Air circulation

Air circulation is a very crucial factor. Unless you plan on just sitting there and letting yourself get shot at. You will be playing Airshot for a long duration, and you do not want to suffocate yourself while doing that. There’s nothing worse than the combined fear that your enemy may be lurking behind you, and the sweaty face with no air circulation. You might as well just shot yourself and end the horror yourself.

Make sure that the Airshot mask you are considering has adequate air vents to enable proper air circulation inside the mask.

  • Goggles

Goggles aren’t meant for just protecting your eyes. Most Goggles are just plain protective glasses and nothing more. There are, however, some Airshot masks that have anti-fog and UV protection. You know how crucial a UV protected goggles can be on those hot summer days, especially if you are going to be running around wearing one. UV protective goggles can help you stay cool even on those hot and humid days. The anti-fog goggle allows you not to lose much vision even on those foggy days.

One alternative that you can also approach is to purchase a separate anti-fog, UV protection Goggles. You can purchase the mask of your liking and purchase a proper goggle separately.

  • Dimension, size, and weight

All the masks have different dimensions and sizes. Most people ignore this factor and just order the ones they find more attractive. There is no greater disappointment than ordering something online just to find out that it is too small or too big. While most masks will have adjustable straps to enable you to fit it properly, it is always better if you get the mask that can fit in perfectly without having to adjust it every time you want to use it.

You also don’t want to feel like you’re running around with a Gladiator’s Helmet while wearing the mask. Since you will be wearing it for the maximum duration of the day, it would be of a much more convenience f your Airshot mask is lightweight. All the products will have its weight mentioned in its description section, so make sure the mask you are considering buying is as light as possible.


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