Best Airsoft Gun Reviews and Buyers Guide 2018

Are you on the lookout for the Best Airsoft Gun? Airsoft Guns were initially used for competitive shooting sport. However, now it has gained immense popularity, and it is used not only for competitive sports, but they are now used as hobby items, for target practices, play items for kids, etc. Airsoft Guns resemble real weapons, and they are either powered by compressed air, coil springs or batteries. With the increase in its popularity, there are a lot of Airsoft Guns available, and it can be quite challenging to select the best one for you. As such we have prepared a review and a buying guide to help you make the best purchase.

  1. Elite Force VFC VR16 Avalon AEG Carbine – Bronze

The Elite Force VFC Avalon AEG Calibur Carbine is the first one on the list of the best airsoft gun. It is a full metal build and high-quality airsoft gun from the Avalon Series manufactured by VFC. The Elite Force VFC VR16 is an Automatic Electric Gun, meaning that a battery powers it.

When we talk about the build quality of the Airsoft Gun, it is made using high-quality metal as such its barrel; receiver and handguard are all made of metal. It also comes equipped with a lot of modular features which include an adjustable stock, an enhanced trigger guard, a steel sling adapter, a detachable rear sight, an adjustable stock and rails for mounting your preferred optics. Performance wise, the Elite Force VR16 is capable of projecting 6mm caliber BB pellets at velocities of up to 380 feet per second making it a very potent rifle.

The BB pellets are fed into the Gun by a magazine which can accommodate 120 rounds allowing you to engage in more extended sessions with it. This particular Airsoft Gun comes with a Mosfet, a high torque motor, an ambidextrous fire selector, a Quick Change Spring, and a Keymod system.

The airsoft gun is equipped with a QRS stock which allows you to extend the length of your rifle. Besides this, it also comes equipped with a Keymod railing system, which makes it easy for you to mount different varieties of sights and other accessories. This makes The Elite Force VFC VR16 Airsoft gun an extremely capable and versatile weapon for people who engage in airsoft wars and will also work equally well for people who are into target shooting or airsoft gun hobby too. When you get the Elite Force VFC VR16 Avalon AEG Carbine Airsoft Gun, it will also come bundled with a Battery and a Charger too adding more value to the deal. This Airsoft Gun is available for purchase on Amazon and is priced at $451.45 making it a very good value for money deal.

Best airsoft gun

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  1. BBTac Fully Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle BT-M82

The Second Rifle on the list of the Best Airsoft Gun is the BT-M82 Fully Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle from BBTac. This airsoft rifle from BBTac is a fully automatic one, and it is filled to the brim with a lot of features making it one of the most popular airsoft rifles today. The Airsoft rifle is built using very high-quality plastics, and as such, it can withstand a huge amount of abuse and damage while at the same time maintaining visual appeal.

Design wise, the rifle is an exact replica of the real weapon and the detailing, and other design features are top notch making for a very realistic feel. The highlight of this rifle is its fully automatic firing capability, which is made possible with the help of a battery operated motor which allows it to fire either in semi-auto or full auto and the 6mm caliber bullets are capable of reaching velocities of up to 200-250 feet per second making it extremely fun to play with. The magazine of the gun can also hold a total of 45 BB pellets, and it is also extremely easy to attach allowing you to enjoy longer fights too.

What makes the BBTac M82 Airsoft rifle unique is that comes loaded with a lot of tactical accessories, and these include a flashlight, so that you can you can use it in dark or poorly lit areas, a red dot sight to help you to track and aim at targets much easier, an extra support stick and a red dot scope as well. The package of the gun comes with a battery, a charger, clip, and all the aforementioned tactical accessories. The Airsoft rifle weighs in at just 5 pounds making it superb for battle situations. To top it off this fully automatic Airsoft Rifle costs only $49.95 making it a very good buy.



BBTac Fully Automatic Airsoft Gun

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  1. Fire Power F4D Soft Air Electric Automatic Rifle

If you are someone who is just starting out in the world of Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns, then the Firepower F4D M4A1 Airsoft rifle from Soft Air might be the best pick for you. This entry level airsoft rifle from Firepower is a great choice for beginners, and it comes loaded with many useful features.

The Firepower F4D Soft Air Electric Automatic Rifle is an exact replica of the extremely popular firearm, the M4A1 rifle which is used by many militaries around the world. As such this Airsoft Rifle from Firepower carries all the attributes of the M4A1 rifle which includes its sturdy build quality as well. The Firepower F4D Soft Air is a fully automatic airsoft rifle which operates with the help of a battery, and it can shoot either in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes with the velocities of the BB bullets reaching 200 Feet per Second.

One amazing thing about this Airsoft rifle is that it can accommodate a total of 500 bb bullets allowing users to shoot continuously for extended periods of time. The Firepower F4D Soft Air Electric Automatic Rifle comes equipped with a 4 rail system which allows you to add a multitude of accessories to it, which includes flashlights, laser sights, additional grip and many types of scopes too, and the rifle already comes equipped with most of these accessories thus saving you money in the process. In terms of ergonomics, the rifle has a retractable stock which allows you to alter the length of the rifle and use it in many positions too.

Upon purchasing the Firepower F4D Soft Air Automatic Electric Rifle, you will get a tactical flashlight, a Laser module, a Forward grip, a rechargeable battery, and a charger. With all these bundled accessories, the Firepower F4D Airsoft Automatic Rifle will set you back by only $41.99, and this is not a bad deal at all.

Fire Power F4D Airsoft Gun

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  1. Well MB08 Full Metal Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope Package

If you are a big fan of the standard L96 sniper rifle, then this Airsoft Sniper Rifle from Well is the perfect choice for you. The Well MB08 Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle is based on the L96 sniper rifle which is used not only by the British military but by many Special Forces worldwide.

Starting off with the build and design, the Well MBO8 is built using ABS plastic and metal, with the body being made of solid ABS plastic and the barrel being made of high-quality metal making it a very sturdy and reliable airsoft rifle. This Airsoft sniper rifle from Well provides a lot of features on the design front, starting with a foldable stock whose length can be adjusted and this facilitates for the easy storage as well as transportation of the rifle, a foldable bipod and a rear monopod which will give you the stability that you need, an adjustable cheek rest for getting the best view and an adjustable rail which allows you to attach a scope quite easily too.

Coming to its performance, the sniper is based on a bolt action mechanism as such it is powered by a very powerful coil spring which is capable of propelling the BB pellets at velocities of more than 400 feet per second, with 30 rounds of pellets being housed in its magazine. To further enhance the user experience, it also comes with a speed loader as well and sling hooks to make it easier to carry. The Well MB08 Full Metal Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle with all its features and capabilities makes it a well-rounded sniper rifle which will cater to the needs of all type of users be it beginners or hardened veterans. Priced at $2655.98, the Well MBO8 Airsoft sniper rifle definitely makes a case as one of the Best Airsoft Gun available on the market.

Well MBO8 Airsoft Gun

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  1. Cyma 410 FPS Full Metal AK47 Contractor’s Assault Weapon (CAW) Automatic Electric Gun

The AK47 Rifle is one of the most well known and icon rifle in the world. As such, if you are an AK47 enthusiast, then this Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle from Cyma is one of the best AK 47 replicas that are available in the market today. The Cyma 410 FPS Full Metal AK47 Airsoft Rifle features a full metal body construction which not only makes it sturdy and durable, but it also adds heft to it.

This particular rifle from cyma has a firing velocity of 410 feet per second with the firing being assisted by a battery. Since, this is an electric rifle it is capable of shooting either in semi-automatic or automatic modes, with the rifle able to carry 500 rounds in its magazine. To further assist the user while shooting, the Cyma 410 fps full metal AK47 comes with a Full Solid Stock which is also retractable and thus helps you to keep yourself stabilized while taking shots.  Just as with a real AK 47, the cyma AK47 also has room for a lot of accessories, and it comes with an integrated rail system for you to attach your favorite scopes, adjustable sights at both the front and rear, foldable fore-grip as well and an adjustable hop-up too.

The Cyma Full Metal AK47 Airsoft Rifle includes with it a Wall charger, a Rechargeable battery, a cleaning rod, a gun strap and 100 rounds of BB pellets for practice. With all these features and accessories all coming under a single package makes the Cyma 410 FPS AK47 Rifle, a well rounded and versatile airsoft rifle for users of any stage. The Cyma AK47 Airsoft rifle’s quality is on par with other rifles which are much pricier adding further value for money. The Cyma AK47 can be availed for $149.99 making it an extremely good deal.

Cyma 410 FPS Airsoft gun

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  1. G&G Armament CM16 Raider M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle

If you are on the lookout for an M4 based Electric Automatic Airsoft Rifle, then the G&G Armament CM16 Raider M4 Airsoft rifle will definitely fit the bill. The G&G CM16 Airsoft does not skimp on quality, and its body has been made with a combination of high-density polymer and high-grade metal.

The primary body parts and receivers of the G&G CM16 are made of high-quality polymer, whereas its barrel, magazine casing, gearbox, gearset and parts of its internals are made of metal. This airsoft rifle from G&G is also no slouch in the performance department with its muzzle able to propel 6mm caliber bullets at 400 feet per second, and the bullets are fed by a 450 round magazine. Since this airsoft rifle is an automatic one, it is powered by a battery, and as such, you can shoot the 6mm caliber bb pellets either in the automatic or semi-automatic mode allowing you to engage in battle with little to no fuss.

The airsoft rifle also comes with a long barrel, and as such, this provides you with room for adding multiple accessories which include flashlights, lasers, sights, scopes and so on. To further add versatility the gun also comes with a retractable stock as well as an adjustable rotary hop up.

Though this Airsoft gun from G&G falls under the budget and entry-level segment, however, its quality, performance, and features make it on par with more expensive airsoft guns out there. As such even if you are someone who is just starting out in the world of Airsoft gun shooting, or a hardcore player, the G&G Armament CM16 Raider M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle will not fail to impress. This airsoft rifle is available at Amazon and can be made yours for a price of $149.99 which is a good number for an entry level airsoft gun with these many features.

G&G Armament Airsoft Gun

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  1. JG Bolt Action Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bar 10

Are you on the lookout for an inexpensive, durable and potent bolt airsoft sniper rifle? If so then the JG Bolt Action Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle might be the perfect one for you. This Airsoft Sniper rifle from JG is one of its latest and best entry level sniper models and comes loaded with a lot of new and cutting-edge technology.

For starters, the rifle is very realistic both in the look and feel department, starting off with its full metal barrel which is complemented by a high-quality body which includes a full metal trigger and a full metal cylinder. Being a Sniper rifle, it employs a bolt action mechanism which utilizes a high-grade sniper coil spring, allowing you to shoot 6mm caliber BB rounds at speeds of up to 500 feet per second.

The bolt action mechanism is also crisp, smooth and confidence inspiring. While being powerful, it is extremely accurate at the same time too; due to its long and extremely well-bored barrel and also due to the inclusion of an adjustable hop up. The BB rounds of the sniper rifle are fed by a 30 round magazine which is more than enough to get the job done. Another unique attribute of this Airsoft Rifle is that it is highly customizable, allowing you to upgrade and change parts based on your usage and interests.

Upon buying the JG Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, you will get a pre-attached rear sight, and it also allows you to add a bipod as well.  The JG Bolt Action Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle as such is a favorite amongst the likes of both beginners and enthusiasts, and this can be attributed to its ease of use, accuracy, and performance which have been packed into a very affordable package which costs only $164.99.

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  1. Action Sports Games (ASG) Scorpion CZ A1 EVO 3 Automatic Airsoft Carbine Rifle

The real EVO 3 is one of the most popular rifles out there, and its popularity can be attributed to its sturdiness, firepower, accuracy, and versatility. ASG Scorpion CZ A1 as such tries to replicate not only its outer appearance; however it brings with it all the real-life attributes that make the EVO 3 such a popular rifle. Beginning with the appearance of the ASG Scorpion CZ, its body made of from a combination of nylon fiber and metal making it lightweight as well as durable at the same time.

The ASG Scorpion CZ A1 also borrows all the firing features of the EVO 3 as such; it comes equipped with three firing modes namely Semi-automatic, Automatic and Burst mode where it fires three bullets at a time. The 6 mm caliber BB bullets which are fed into the gun by a 75 round magazine can reach muzzle velocities of more than 400 fps without compromising on accuracy. Since the rifle is a fully automatic one; it comes equipped with a high capacity battery which powers a High torque motor which is capable of pulling the spring mechanism at very fast speeds allowing you to fire 18 shots per second. It also comes with a new Fire Control Unit which allows for improved trigger response and improved gearbox durability.

The ergonomics of the rifle are also very well handled and as such most of the dials, switches, and levers that come with the gun will work fine with both left handed and right handed individuals. The modification and customization potential is also very high with this rifle, as it comes attached with rails on all its sides for attaching several types of accessories which includes flashlights, lasers, foregrips, scopes, slings, etc. To top it off this rifle from ASG is hand-built by qualified technicians adding more value to it. The ASG Scorpion CZ A1 EVO 3 is priced at $399.95 making it one of the best mid-range Airsoft Guns on offer.

Action Sports Games Airsoft Rifle

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  1. Thompson M1A1 Soft Air Automatic Electric Gun

The Thompson Gun also known as a Tommy gun is a submachine gun that gained immense popularity during the early 1900s and was used by both criminals as well as law enforcement agencies. It has ever since remained an iconic part of American history and is still popular to this day.

If you happen to be someone who appreciates the Thompson or the Tommy gun and is interested in having an airsoft version of this iconic gun then look no further than the Thompson M1A1 Soft Air AEG. This Thompson Airsoft gun carries with it all the design and functionality of the original Thompson, which includes a body which is made of hard plastic resembling wood and high-quality polished metal, with the body featuring unique Laser engraved markings adding more realistic appeal to the gun.

The Thompson was one of the first guns to offer automatic fire, and likewise, the Thompson M1A1 is also an electric automatic gun which is battery operated and comes equipped with two firing modes which are semi and automatic, and it also comes equipped with a safety switch as well. The Soft Air Thompson M1A1 is capable of shooting bb pellets at velocities of 380 to 400 Feet per Second with the ability to fire 15 rounds per second. The Thompson gun comes equipped with a regular stick magazine which can hold 380 rounds; however, it can also support the unique drum magazine as well.

The Thompson MIA1 Soft Air Airsoft gun comes equipped with a metal gearbox which is fully upgradeable, an adjustable hoop up, and a 2-way adjustable rear sight which will give you more accuracy and stability. Priced at just $79.95, the Thompson Soft Air M1A1 is an exceptionally good deal as you will not only get an amazing airsoft gun, but you will also get to own an icon gun which has engraved itself in the history of guns.

hompson M1A1 Airsoft Gun

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  1. CyberGun Magnum 44 Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistol

The Desert Eagle is one of the most popular and one among the most powerful handguns in the world. It is a by-product of the collaboration between the Israeli and U.S Military, and it was widely used as a tactical handgun by both militaries of the country.

As a result, it has gained immense popularity and consequently been featured in a lot of movies, video games, etc. adding further popularity to its name. The CyberGun Magnum 44 Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistol is as such an exact replica of this very handgun, and it comes attached with all the bells and whistles. The First thing that is to be mentioned is its build and finish. The CyberGun Desert Eagle Airsoft Gun is built using high-quality ABS material ensuring that it will be able to last long and handle a good amount of abuse thrown at it. The size is also identical to the original one, and it has also been licensed by IMI.

This Airsoft Gun is powered by a spring mechanism as such there is no need for air canisters or batteries to power the gun, and it has a muzzle velocity of 175 feet per second with its magazine capable of holding 28 rounds. The Gun comes equipped with all the features which you can find in the original gun which includes a safety switch, a front, and rear sight and a serrated slide. The CyberGun Magnum 44 Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistol is available on Amazon for a price of just $29.50 which is an absolute steal for the price you are paying for. The feature set it comes equipped with, along with the quality and performance it provides makes it a must-have item for beginners who are just starting out and is also a good addition for more advanced shooters.

Cybergun Airsoft Gun

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What to Look for in an Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns have immensely increased in popularity over the years, and as such, there is a sea of airsoft guns available in the market waiting for you to try them out. However, with such massive options available, it can become quite confusing, to select the Best Airsoft Gun that will suit your needs. As such to help you find the perfect Airsoft Gun for your needs, we have prepared a list of what to look out for a while looking to purchase an Airsoft Gun, and they are as follows:

Types of Guns

 The first thing you should know while on the lookout for an Airsoft gun is the types that are available. Just as there are different types of guns available, similarly there are also different types of Airsoft Guns. Some of the most common types comprises of Spring Powered Airsoft Guns which use the potential energy that is stored in a coil spring to compress air and use it to propel the BB pellet down the gun’s barrel, Automatic Electric Guns also known as AEG which use battery to power an electric motor, which is connected to an internal piston and is responsible for propelling the BB bullets out of the gun, Gas Blowback Guns which use compressed air to propel the BB pellet from the chamber of the gun. Of the three, Spring Powered Airsoft Guns are the most affordable while Automatic Electric Guns are the most expensive; however, they offer great performance which cannot be matched by the other two types. Some of the lesser known types of Airsoft guns are Gas non-blowback gun and High-Pressure Air Guns.

Price vs. Quality

 Not all Airsoft Guns are created equal. With that that said there are a lot of airsoft guns available at a different price and different quality. And as such, there is no denying the fact that there is a strong correlation between Price and Quality. Starting with the price, Airsoft Guns can be had at low prices while some of them might cost you a fortune. Coming to the quality of an Airsoft gun in many cases its quality is directly proportional to its price. As such, it is safe to say that the price and quality of an airsoft Gun always go hand in hand, so it at the end of the day, it all boils down to the customer. What you pay is what you get, and as such, if you are on a tight budget, you can buy airsoft guns at very cheap rates. However, you should also know that its quality will be inferior too. Likewise, if you buy a much more expensive airsoft gun, you can rest assured knowing that the quality will be top notch.


FPS and Accuracy

 The main purpose of an Airsoft Gun is for shooting and as such, the two most important characters which define how good an airsoft gun besides its build quality is its, FPS and Accuracy. The FPS of an airsoft gun stands for Feet per Second, which is the velocity at which a BB pellet leaves the muzzle or barrel of an airsoft gun. The FPS of an airsoft gun depends on multiple factors some of which are the type of the airsoft gun, the length of the barrel, the caliber of the pellet and the weight of the pellet. All these factors combined to determine the FPS of an airsoft gun. Coming to the accuracy, the primary task of an airsoft gun is to hit the desired target; as such the accuracy of an airsoft gun is of utmost importance. The accuracy of an airsoft gun depends on the length, bore, and quality of the barrel, the physical dimensions of the bullet and some other factors such as the hop up, the sights, etc. Finally, the most important factor which decides the FPS and Accuracy of an airsoft gun is its Price.


 like with any gun, an airsoft gun also relies on ammunition for it to shoot. The ammunition an airsoft gun is known as Airsoft BBS, which stands for either Ball Bullets or Ball Bearings. An airsoft BBS is typically a plastic pellet which is generally 6 millimeters in diameter, and the only thing which is different among different types of Airsoft BBS is its weight and the color it comes with. The weight of an airsoft BBS is measured in terms of grams and is listed in terms of the fraction of a gram. The weight of Airsoft BBS ranges from 0.12 grams which is the lightest and goes up to 0.20 and above. However, the most common BBS have a weight of 0.20 grams. Despite BBS being made of plastic, there are some manufacturers who manufacture BBS made of aluminum and are comparatively heavier, while some others are made from biodegradable materials too. Some things to look out for when buying Airsoft BBS is its craftsmanship and manufacturing process, its accuracy and range, its durability, its packaging and finally the price.

Shooting Style and Role

 Since Airsoft guns are mostly a replica of Real Guns, therefore, there is a huge variety of airsoft guns available, and this is what makes them unique. Airsoft Guns are based on different guns, which include Revolvers, Handguns, Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Semi-automatic rifles, Bolt action rifles, Sniper rifles, Automatic rifles, Machine guns, Sub-Machine Guns, etc.

Based on the type of gun, which an airsoft gun is based on its shooting styles also varies. Lightweight guns can mostly be operated without the need of any additional accessories, whereas, heavier guns might include slings and other forms of support. In the case of Sniper rifles, since they require a specific style of shooting, they come attached with bipods, monopods and different types of weight-bearing accessories.

The role played by airsoft guns also differ greatly based on its type, as such pistols, revolvers are used in close combat, whereas rifles, machine guns play a major role in battles involving greater range, whilst sniper rifles and bolt action rifles having much better accuracy, are often used for long range battles and long-range target practicing.

These are some of the things which you should look out for, while searching for the Best Airsoft Gun.

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