The Best Airsoft Upgrades For Improved Shooting

Investing in airsoft upgrades will pay for itself almost immediately you hit the field of play. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your AEG, you’re definitely in the right place as we’re going to walk you through the whole process. An airsoft gun has several moving parts which could get broken over time because of wear and tear.

This will necessitate replacing the parts with better upgrades which will significantly improve the functioning of the AEG. You’ve probably searched online and come across some terms that seem foreign and the process can be a little bit overwhelming for a beginner. In this post, we will go through the most common types of airsoft upgrades together with the recommendations.

The Motor

The motor has to be the weakest component in most stock AEG rifles. A faulty motor could interfere with having a fast fire rate and trigger response. Most airsoft manufacturers will use fragile ferrite magnets for the motors. This motors have the ability to shoot 350FPS and up. This is a decent range but enthusiasts, particularly in the United States, are demanding for more in terms of FPS and having weak motors doesn’t help with the case.

If you have a high-end build and looking for a reliable motor, the Lonex A1 Supreme motor comes highly recommended.

With the Lonex A1 Supreme motor, you can expect up to three times more durability than what you would find in ferrite magnets in stock AEG rifles. You get stronger motors which are able to turn more efficiently and quicker with less heat buildup. Such a motor will be more effective in effortlessly pulling the springs which makes custom builds a lot easier.

The process of changing a motor in an airsoft gun is straight forward. For common AEGs, the motor can be found in the grip of the rifle. It is a straightforward process in the sense that all you have to do is to take out the weak motor, swap wires, and put the new one in. You should make sure that the motor heights have been adjusted after the swap. You can check out the video below for an in-depth tutorial of the motor replacement process.

Ideally, you should be paying special attention to the balance and torque motors. Such motors are usually rated between 16-22 turns per armature (TPA) The TPA is the metric used to define the number of times the armature wounds up in the motor. A lower TPA will mean higher speed while a high TPA will translate to a higher torque. The majority of stock guns will come equipped with standard gear already set. It is advisable you stick to 16-22 TPA motors so that you don’t have to tune the gearbox on your own every time.


Even though most stock barrels will be more than enough to do a good job, the downside is they’re made from aluminum or brass. Such materials don’t last for long as they’re cheap to produce. They are susceptible to wear and tear even though the cost of the gun might be low.

The best option would be to upgrade to a steel tight-bore barrel which will make for a high-end custom build. It will be difficult for steel to degrade because of its strength and thickness. The weight of steel will also help in absorbing the vibration and shock coming out of the AEG during an action. You also get improved accuracy with a tighter bore.

You can get away with just about any steel barrel brand for the upgrade but Mudbull steel barrels come highly recommended for build quality and the attractive pricing.  There are a couple of factors you should have in mind after the installation of a new barrel and they include:

  • Using high-quality BBs once a tight bore barrel has been installed
  • Regular and proper cleaning to prevent excessive jamming. Tighter barrels are more prone to jamming because of the dirt from the deformed BBs

It is crucial that you check the specs of your AEG before you can consider the barrel upgrade. You might already have a tight bore installed if you have a high-end AEG.

Hop Up Bucking / Nub

If you’ve replaced the barrel, it will be a good idea to upgrade the nub as well. One of the easiest ways you could increase the range and accuracy of your AEG is through the use of a flat hop. The buckings will eliminate the standard contact patch with a smooth inside which will facilitate for a larger contact area. For even better performance, you can opt for an S-hop or an R-hop. The calibration will play a big role in the overall performance. There are experienced AEG users who know how to create DIY flat hop buckings. If that is not your cup of tea, we recommend going for Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop-Up Bucking. You get less hop, it is highly durable and works well with high FPS guns.


Gears could be seen as a great way of enhancing the performance of your AEG rifle. High-speed gears are recommended because they lower the tooth ratio thus improving the rate of fire. A stock gun will have a firing ratio of 12 BB’s per second but this number could increase up to 20BB’s per second with the installation of high-speed gears. You will have to adjust the battery and the motor pack if you want to extend the FPS.

In the event that you encounter problems with the feeding mechanism, you can always improve the reliability by installing a sector gear delay clip. If you value power above anything else then you can search for gears that have higher torque ratios. Ideally, you should be getting the gear and the piston from the same manufacturer so that there are no problems with optimal meshing. This will also help in curbing the noise intensity from your weapon.


There are several types of piston upgrades you could choose from depending on your objectives. The options include:

Short stroke pistons: They’re designed with fewer teeth in order to reduce the magnitude of compression and the distance the piston retracts

Half-tooth pistons: Only a section of the teeth is molded and functions by increasing the torque for higher gear ratio. This type of piston is best suited for guns with high FPS.

Full-speed pistons: Suited for high speeds and all-purpose airsoft use.

Different materials can be used in crafting the teeth and the body of the piston. Synthetic and nylon are some of the materials used in the crafting process. You shouldn’t settle for cheap options as the piston is always taken through its paces when shooting.

Reasons for Airsoft Upgrades

There is a common notion that there is no reason to upgrade your airsoft gun if you do regular cleaning and maintenance. It is understandable why you wouldn’t want to upgrade especially when it is an expensive piece. Real airsoft enthusiasts will always look for ways to improve the weapon and this can be done through custom upgrades. Here are some of the reasons why upgrading your airsoft weapon might be a good idea.


You should probably think about upgrading your airsoft components after the first maintenance schedule. You will get to know about the parts that wear out faster or those that need replacing. The most common type of replacements has to do with the movable parts of the gun. Since most of the modern airsoft guns come with the majority of the parts pre-installed, it is important that you examine the gearbox first before you can think about ordering the parts. The most important durable upgrades include:

  • The Suitable spring
  • Full teeth piston
  • The correct size for metal brushing


When it comes to performance, the upgrades should start with the internal barrel, hop up mechanism, and then the gear ratios. You can easily boost the ROF if you switch the battery capacity to 9.6V or higher. You should only use a high battery capacity when the rest of the airsoft upgrades have been done. Failure to do so could lead to premature failure of the original stock gear.

High Velocity

High velocity will call for thoughtful consideration of the parts that are going to be included. There are a couple of factors that will lead to more than 400 FPS. Even after a perfect assembly of the upgrades, there is no guarantee that your airsoft gun won’t suffer from premature wear.

If you want a velocity of over 350 FPS, some of the upgrades you could explore include:

  • Metal Bushings
  • High torque motors
  • High torque gears
  • Metallic tooth piston
  • High capacity batteries

It should be noted that you should factor in the power needs when doing the airsoft upgrades. High speeds will require a lot of power. The upgrades recommended will ensure that your airsoft gun is functional, efficient, and durable and you don’t have to worry when you go to combat.

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